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Andhra Pradesh Highcourt Rescinded the Government Order

It was earlier that Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy led state government of Andhra Pradesh issued orders to make english medium education compulsory in classes from 1 to 6 on all State-run schools.The Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly Sanctioned the The Andhra Pradesh School Education Regulatory and Monitoring Commission (Amendment) Bill 2019 in the month of January.The government wanted to replace Telugu medium with english in all state-run schools.

This bill gave rise to a large opposition and some leaders from the opposition party moved to high court questioning the bill and challenging it.They argued that the infrastructure facilities of the state is not capable enough to practice this bill in the State. It was on wednesday(15/04/2020) the High Court of Andhra Pradesh considered this matter and also has quashed the Government order of replacing Telugu medium in all state Run schools.The High Court upheld the petitioner’s argument that students have the right to choose their medium to study and it should be left to them only.

A division bench led by High Court ChiefJustice J K Maheshwari and J.Ninala Jayasurya considered the petition filed by BJP leader Sudhir Rambhotla, Dr Srinivas, and advocate Indraneel challenging the validity of the Government order and delivered a 92 page judgement. While deciding the matter,High Court found that the Government Order that compels every state run school to change their medium to English is against some of those acts of the state.It is against the provisions of section 29(2) of the RIGHT TO EDUCATION Act,Rule 25 of State rules and much more.Also Many Supreme Court decisions can be taken while deciding this and that clearly shows the invalidity of the Government order.

However, The state Government defended its side arguing that learning english will help them in a large way in their career.

It was after the YSR congress party came into rule,the Chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy introduced english medium in all state run schools.This order would have affected 44000 government schools in the state,where telugu will remain only as a compulsory subject and not medium.

After the High Court has set aside the order, the education minister of Andhra Pradesh, Audimulapu Suresh that the decision taken by the ruling party was to support the dreams of many students who likes to pursue english and could not afford to study in private management run schools.He also added that many teachers have already been trained to implement and make the order in practice.