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Game changes midway, NLSIU to part ways with CLAT for students.

SC subdues NLSIU Bengaluru's NLAT-2020

NLSIU to conduct its own entrance exam to avoid a ZERO YEAR due to COVID.

Imagine when you’re indulged in a game and you are informed that the rules of the game are changed midway! This is the current situation of the year 2020 law aspirants. India’s one of the top-rated Law University, The National Law School of Indian University (NLSIU) decided to conduct its entrance exam for the year 2020.

The medium of admission into this university before was through the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) which is conducted annually for law aspirants. The reason behind this decision of NLSIU apparently is that to introduce a new entrance exam so that even when CLAT 2020 would be postponed due to COVID, students can avoid a ZERO YEAR.

 Before CLAT was introduced in 2008,

each school and college drove separate position tests, causing understudies a ton of mental and physical weight — likewise budgetary trouble, as students who were keen to take admission tests in two or more colleges to check their ability and grade found it difficult to appear for all those entrance tests due to certain geographical and economic factors. That was when CLAT came into the picture and once for all helped many law aspirants to make a choice of their own for college admissions. 

NLSIU’s choice to present the split away NLAT in another, shortened configuration — 40 questions to be answered in 45 minutes quickly — isn’t just backward yet additionally unfeeling toward the situation of the understudies.

Also, it is noticed that perhaps this decision of NLSIU is violative of specific arrangements of the Constitution as courts in India have held that an agreement, tender, or a coupling MoU can’t be changed in the game or after it is finished, particularly when it influences the results. NLSIU has done exactly that.

NLSIU’s choice to bounce from a manual to an online at-home test may,

best case scenario is named as an act of pure trust as an online at-home test while great in principle, is as yet a work in progress. Besides, NLSIU appears to be careless in regards to their online at-home selection test being oppressive and preferring the favored. It totally limits understudies with restricted admittance to a PC, continuous web, solid force gracefully and different details set down in the test rules.

NLSIU is betting by changing the organization just as the method of assessment. In the long run, NLSIU may spare a year however will be a net failure on the off chance that it doesn’t get the best understudies. The main party profiting by this subjective, one-sided choice is the instructing focuses who are now misusing the pushed, overburdened, and overpowered understudies by presenting new training material and test arrangement custom-made for NLAT.

Not to forget that earlier this year, CLAT changed its pattern and now NLAT is in action, Students have a lot to go through within a week’s notice. This decision and the fate of NLAT are still held in the Supreme Court so all we can do is hang on.

Article by: Vainavi Chowdary