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Students of RGNUL move to NHRC for cancellation of new semester fees.

Students of RGNUL move to NHRC for cancellation of new semester fees.

On 6 th July 2020 students of Rajiv Gandhi National University of law (RGNUL) came before the National Human rights commission (NHRC) in order to cancel the payment of new semester fees.

The complaint included that the university is charging the semester fees which is unfair and unjust and also disproportionate fees during this covid-19 pandemic. The students alleged that many concerned students and representative have requested to waive
the semester fees but the University went ahead without considering the present situation and the requests of the students and issued a noticed of full fees for the upcoming semester which is Rs 113500 on June 27 2020 payable by latest July 10 2020 and those who will fail to pay the semester fees on time will be charged with a fine starting from of Rs 5000.

The students stated that :

such demand of fees in the present crisis situation is a cruel and unfair. They further stated that due to the pandemic and the lockdown many families are suffering from crisis and it’s not possible for them to pay the semester fee presently.
Moreover the college campus has remained closed and thus the major portion of the fees would remain unutilized.
The time period which is given is also not sufficient for any family to arrange for this lump sum amount. 639 students signed the petition and agreed to file a complaint before the NHRC. In the petition the students clearly mentioned that they are unwilling to pay any fees apart from the tuition fees.
The student requests the commission to issue fresh notice and to grant an appropriate relief in the concerned matter for the best interest of the students which should be guided by reason & compassion.