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Webinar(4) On E governance and E-Courts(May 3rd 2020)

Surana & Surana and Law Octopus have joined together to conduct webinar on E-Governance and E-Courts.

The Topic of the webinar will be,’E-governance and e-courts: A road-map for 2020-25’ that will be held on May 3rd 2020.The time of webinar is from 5 to 6.30pm in the evening. Surana &; Surana is one of the India’s best law firm even while Law Octopus is one of the leading website for law students as well as lawyers.

In the Webinar,four subtopics will be discussed;they are

● Intended impact and managing expectations
● Current developments and preparedness of the stake-holders
● Mind-set matters
● Change in process, procedures, and practices

Many eminent personalities including justices and Civil Servants will speak in the Webinar like Justice Ravindra Chavan,Dr. Santosh Babu(IAS Officer),Ms. Supriya Sankaran( Co-Founder, Agami),Dr. Ravichandran( Head, Academic Initiatives, Surana & Surana),Dr. Rajinder Kaur (Professor, UILS, Punjab University),Ms. Chitrakshi Jain( Research Fellow at Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy)

The webinar will be conducted via Zoom app.

The registration link is given below: