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About us - Osco HR

‘LawPutra’ was officially launched on 27th March 2020:

with the mission to create a professional and healthy environment for the law students and professionals who want to avail the opportunities available for them like internships, moots, jobs, seminars, call for papers, etc. We the team of LawPutra have pledged to serve the legal professionals and everyone associated with it.

Lawputra is a vision , it is a legal startup which we wish to make a huge success with the support of all people from the legal fraternity . Lawputra came into existence out of the sheer day to day life experiences shared by individuals, companies,  NGO , lawyers and many others.

We provide details of opportunities like moot court,  debates,  internships etc. which you can avail. We cover the contemporary legal issues happening in the world . In our field, we focus on staying current with legal environment using knowledge not only from domestic resources but also from abroad. A one stop for all your legal queries.

LawPutra is noted for attracting top-level transactional and litigation work from a broad spectrum of clients. We like to enjoy success as a result of our collective efforts, a willingness to share our knowledge with each other. Apart from this, we will update law students, professionals & common people with all the happenings in the entire nation as well as in world, law school news & upcoming competitions. You can quickly grasp the complicated legal principles from reading our blogs, acts and apply the same into your real life.

LawPutra is a combination of ideas and vision:

of bunch of friends who embrace their individuality & decides to create common platform for everyone to express. Law students get reputation for clocking up the library hours because each week one needs to learn what the law actually is and academics’ opinions of it from scratch, and neither of these is particularly short.

Do let us know if you have any suggestion. Always happy to hear from law students. Always happy to help law students.

For any further information feel free to contact us at below given details –


For any queries Contact us – +91-7014587030