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Bitstyle is a basic to the corporate culture at ByteDance and represents the principles we put forward to the workers. Worldwide over 150 markets for our products are available and we have offices around the 126 major cities in the world such as Beijing, Los Angles, Mumbai, Singapore, New York, London, Shanghai, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Jakarta, Seoul, Tokyo. Around the world till November 2019 ByteDance have got over 50000 employees and 15 research and
development centres.


  • Commercial council


  • Mumbai


  • Each transactions consists varying risks.It is asked to manage all kind of legal aspects that come within this like drafting, negotiation Etc.
  • And also should manage the risk within the confidentiality, content licensing, publishing, advertising Etc.
  • They are also required to advice in matters related transactions, partnership Etc.
  • Develop and also use policies regarding content moderation and advertisement reviews arising under laws and regulations governing the usage and distribution of user-generated and/or marketing content, including those related to privacy, copyright, trademark, defamation, and right-of-publicity law, along with regulatory rules and industry best practices.
  • Suggest and advice the firm on legal matters,challenges,strategies Etc
  • Be upto date with the case laws and the amendments. Research and understand the risks regarding business decisions.


  • Bachelor degree in law as well as masters in law.(Foreign University will have more weightage)
  • A minimum of 7 years practice at any top tier law firm or at a global technology company.
  • Candidates having experiences regarding licensing,advertising,litigation etc are more preferred.
  • Excellent analytical as well as communication skills are
  • Knowledge regarding drafting, vetting etc are required.
  • Ability to manage time, do multitasking and also do time-bound
  • Research skills as well as problem solving capacity.

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