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No Experiments required in treatment of CoronaVirus affected patients:Responds Kerala High Court

It was some days before that an Adv named M S Vineeth from Kozhikode filed a petition In Kerala High Court seeking permission for using Homeopathy for treating the Covid 19 affected patients in the state of
Kerala.The petition asked the State Government to publish Circular, as the Union Government in AYUSH has advised homeopathy as a preventive measure and also allow homeopathic practitioners to treat Covid 19 affected in the State.That matter was heard by bench consisting of AK Jayasankaran,Nambiar and Shaji P Chali.In response,the Counsel for Kerala Government Advocate P Narayanan has asked some time to obtain the directions from the State Government regarding the use of Homeopathic medicines to treat the Corona Virus Disease.

In the hearing that happened recently,The Counsel for Kerala Government stated that”the State Government, after proper deliberations at all levels, has now decided to adopt the principles and practice of modern medicine for management of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients. He also added that

“the treatment protocol adopted by the healthcare professionals in the public sector in the State together with the great work done by the para medicals and the officers attached to the administration have been applauded even by the “WHO” (World Health Organisation)and heads of States and other Nations, not to mention virology experts, and in that view of the matter there is absolutely no need for experimentation with Homeopathy at this stage.”
The matter was heard by a bench consisting of honourable Justices Raja Vijayaraghavan And T R Ravi.After hearing the matter,they expressed their inclination over dismissing the petition asserting the effective methods adopted by State to control Covid 19 and the treatment protocol adopted by the Health Care professionals.There has been a significant fall in the rate of Covid patients in Kerala since some days.

The bench consisting Justices Raja Vijayaraghavan and T R Ravi also took in consideration the decision taken on a similar matter by the Supreme Court. A Public Interest Litigation was submitted by a Homeopathic practitioner Dr. C R Sivaram in Supreme Court to introduce homeopathic and Unani medicines as an alternate treatment for patients affected by CoronaVirus. But the Supreme Court has dismissed the petition saying that “Corona is a new Virus. We cant experiment around.Let experts come up with a vaccine,wait”.The bench was headed by Justice N V Ramana also comprising Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and B R Gavai.

The petitioner pressed for more time to respond, after which the Honourable High Court has adjourned the matter for two months.